Irish culture night, beachy vibes and first good byes

Hi everyone,

How ya doin?    What’s the craic?

Already noticed the Irish influence on my language skills right there? ( To be honest I’ve never really used them in an actual conversation, but for the sake of improving the coolness-factor and Irish vibe of this blog…)

Since the last time I shared my thoughts on here, is two weeks ago now, I thought I’d share my newest adventures with you, so you can keep up with what I’ve been doing recently.

After a long week of minding my little host kids, I felt very exhausted and not like doing anything else than going to bed early and watching some series on my computer. But sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone, which has kind of become my new motto here in Ireland. That motto always pushed me into the right direction here. Because of it I can already call people from 7 different countries my friends, I already went out in Dublin and simply am a lot happier with myself. So I decided to do the same on friday night and went out to meet some friends for the Irish Culture night, which took place in many different places all-around the country and luckily in the theater of my town as well. All of us didn’t really know what to expect from it, but definitly got positively surprised. When I arrived four local musicians played some meditative Irish music, to which most of the audience actually closed their eyes and really seemed to be in the moment. After that a local dance group of five young artist performed very thought provoking pieces and the Irish musicians finished the night of with some lovely tunes. All in all it was one of the best evenings here. Even though we didn’t talk much that evening, we enjoyed each others company a lot and the music and the performances just gave our constantly thinking minds a well deserved break. ( Can you notice the influence of my daily Yoga-practice here, haha? )

These photos are of poor quality, because I only had my phone with me and it was very dark in this theater, but I thought I would just throw them in here, to give you a little impression of the evening.

On Saturday I met with two friends to visit Dublins biggest Vegan food fesitval the “ Dublin Vegfest“. We were very excited to try a lot of not only yummie but also amazing looking food. There also were talks about various topics, but the seats were taken before we even got into the tent and we were too lazy to stand at the back, so we decided to just indulge ourselves in goodies.

Whilst walking between all the food-trucks and -tents I noticed many people wearing a lovely cotton bag with the festivals logo on it and I just asked a woman where she got it from, but sadly it only was a goodie-bag for people with a priority-pass, so I thanked her and wanted to move on, but as I walked away, she came running after me and handed me her bag with two of the goodies in it with the words “ I have hundreds of these bags, if you want you can totally have mine.“ This woman absolutely made my day and I coulnd’t stop smiling and feeling very thankful, every time I thought about it that day. Now I not only have a lovely souvenir from Dublin, but also a very happy memory connected to it.

On the next day I already had to say good bye to the first friend I made in Ireland. She was only here for three weeks to refresh her language skills, which I found extremly inspiring. She definitly passed on her desire to improve her language and learn new phrases and Irish idioms to me. Long story short I went to Killiney where she lived for the past three weeks for a cup of tea (very Irish again), but as it turned out, the day was way too warm and sunny to lazily sit inside a cafe, so we decided to explore Killiney Hill, after having a quick Espresso. And it was a very good decision. We were blown away by the huge mansions, which looked more like castels and forts then places where „normal“ people would live. As we found out it is actually a very popular town for celebreties to have a house in, like for example Bono. There was no way we wouldn’t stop infront of his mansions gates, where actual song-lyrics was created, to take some fotos.

After exploring Killiney Hill I had to say good bye to Sonia. So a big thank you here again, for many inspiring conversations and sharing your passion for another language with me.

Afterwards I decided to enjoy a little bit more of the beauty that Killiney had to offer, so I followed my host dads recommendation and went down to Killiney beach. And I didn’t get dissapointed. The beach was stunning and extremly photogenic. But instead of telling you all about it I’d love you to just see for yourself.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for taking your time, seeing the world through my eyes, or should I say through my lens? Either way, I hope I could give you a little insight in what I have been up to recently.

See you soon,

Lena xx

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  • Mum
    Posted at 22:40h, 26 September Antworten

    Oh I‘m-again- so absolutely inspired by the way you tell your Irish story…. 😍 and as far as I know- your language skills have definitely improved! Adorable!!!😘😍🤗 Mum

    • Lena Schneeberger
      Posted at 23:35h, 26 September Antworten

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support Mama, hab dich lieb ;*

  • Carmel O’Briw
    Posted at 18:21h, 28 September Antworten

    Hello Lena. I feel I know you as Sonia talked so much about you. I loved your Blog and especially the photos

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