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Hi everyone,

How’re ya doin? Getting the Irish? No? Well I guess it probably only sounds Irish in my head, but oh well… No but honestly, how are you all doing guys? I hope your doing good. I surly am, I finished week 4 of Uni and still am very happy, not planning on changing that any time soon, so I probably won’t tell you how much I like my studies every post, but I still do… a lot.

I thought you might be interested how I live and where I live and how I made it Lena-like, cozy and homy, so I am gonna share a few pics today, so you can get a picture of how I live here in Graz.

This is an overview of my dorm-room. Me and my boyfriend share something like a flat in this student home (ÖJAB-Haus Graz). We both have separte rooms and share the entry space, a toilett and a bathroom, but we chose to go with the community-kitchen to meet some people in the student home, which has already been really nice.

All in all it is really spacious I think for a student home and that’s probably also due to the really high rooms.

Of course I had to have some plants in it, since for me it instantly gives a room life and homy vibes.

I had collected a lot of things actually over the past year or two. Little nig-nags to personalize a room, as you can see in here, but also things like shelves, lamps and stuff, so I wouldn’t have to buy all the stuff I needed, since there is a lot of stuff you have to get when you move into a student home anyway. By collecting little bits and pieces here and there you not only save money, but it also lets you be creative with including „older“ stuff into the new space, which then gives it your personal note.

I also designed some cushion-covers and plant pots especially for the student room, since I had some ideas in mind, that I thought would be even nicer if I did them myself instead of buying them and so I gave old white cushion-covers and plant pots, we had lying around at home, new life.

Of course I had collected a lot of dishes and stuff, but be prepared that you’ll have to buy some of the kitchen essentials like pots, pans, mixing spoons, etc.

I also underestimated all the kitchen staples I would need. Of course I knew I had to buy oil and vinegar, but all the condiments I would use at home all the time, weren’t here obviously, so be prepared to invest a little in those kitchen staples, they’ll last you a long time though.

I am very lucky that I got to be the owner of a really cool balcony, which looks into the inner courtyard of my building. When my mum visited me to help me move in some things, she bought me those lovely outdoor-plants as a move-in gift and let me tell you, this pop of yellow surely makes me happy day by day. Who wouldn’t want such gorgeous flowers am I right?

As mentioned before I had already collected a couple of things before actually moving in here, like this little shelf. One day my family and I drove past one of our neighbour houses and apperently someone was either moving out or getting rid of stuff they didn’t want anymore and who would have guessed such a beautiful shelf would be underneath those things. So I jumped out of the car, picked it up and put it in the boot and here it is now, perfectly filling this otherwise empty space.

I also felt very creative in the first days staying here and since I wanted the bathroom and toilett to be a little more personalized I thought I’d create some funny drawings for the walls, framed them and hung them up. They are probably not everyones cup of tea (:D) but I like them anyway.

Oh hey and that’s me, with the obligatory mirror selfie.

It really feels like a second home for me now, I love coming back from Uni and feel at home and comfy and my space.

Well the outside chair and desk situation could do with some improvement, but you know how it is, everything step by step and without any unnecessary stress and rush. (It’s getting colder now anyway, I’ll figure something out in Spring.) But I had some lovely coffee dates on my balcony already.

Thanks for stopping by, having a read or flicking through the pics, as always it really means a lot.

See you soon,

Lena xx

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