Did someone say Halloween?

Hi everyone,

How are you doing?
How’s the situation in your country? Are you in a second lockdown yet? How are you feeling about everything going on?
Well here in Austria we are in a second lockdown since the 3rd of November and for me gladly not that much has changed, since we still have some classes on Campus which I am over the moon about. I don’t know about you, but studying or working at home can be fun at times, but occasionally when I feel unmotivated there are no class mates or colleagues around to cheer me up. Instead you just stay this little unmotivated blob for the rest of the day. Is that just me or can someone relate? For me having the face to face conversations and classes makes all the difference.

Despite the current situation I celebrated Halloween with some of my closer friends, since we weren’t in lockdown yet and I was in contact with them anyway so we decided to keep it small but still have a good time.
And we certainly had a lovely evening.

I really enjoyed the preparation for this one, since I not only love decorating, baking, cooking and dressing up, I am actually a little obsessed with it.
I thought I’d let you get a little glimpse of our evening and what I did with our flat.

One of the more autumnal, than halloweeny things I did was sticking a few leaves onto our entrance door. So simple but I still think it looks very cute and is such a fall vibe, what do you reckon?

For table decorations I thought I’d paint some tangerines to look like little pumpkins, and as simple as these were they still looked very cute I think. A bonus with these is, that they double as a snack as well of course.

Of course I had to have real pumpkins as well and those are acutually edible ones. I thought why buy only decorative pumpkins if they can be both. So for now they look very nice on our table but as soon as we get over them sitting there all day we’ll simply eat them.

We also had a little mishap when doing the crumbs for our dumplings (I don’t know if you know what I am talking about if you are not from Austria, but we have dumplings filled with fruit, plums for example and we have sweet crumbs to go with it, crazy delicious). Anyway I decided to use those slightly burned ones to act as a fake soil for gummi worms and I actually think it look very funny.

I had some „Schwedenbomben“ which turned out to be a big fail, since the white chocolate I used to draw eyes on it was way to runny and instead of looking like little ghosts they turned out well like some other very ugly creatures. Good thing is they still tasted nice and that’s all that mattered. (I don’t really have a foto, since I was too embarrased of them when I made them so well I guess you have to watch out for them in another picture)

One last snack I prepared where witch fingers out of pizza dough, rosted almond fingernails and tomato blood. They are pretty self explanatory I guess and incredibly easy, but so tasty that we made a second batch during the evening.

My friends also made those incredible spider- cup cakes which were a chocolate heaven and very on theme.

One last decorative thing I made was a spider web out of some yarn and a spider out of aluminium foil, which took me forever, didn’t really stay in its place and didn’t look that great either to be completly honest, but oh well it’s the effort that counts right? And it made a cute backdrop for our pictures nevertheless.

Of course we put on some costumes, it wouldn’t be halloween without those right?
Pia and I went as our star signs. Can you guess which ones we are?

Verena and Rosa two of my friends from Uni went as the mad hatters from Alice in Wonderland and they just looked amazing.

(I promise we had fun as well, we just tried to stay in character. ;))

Clara went as a Grusel-Luki, with drawn on wounds, which looked so amazingly real. And the boys didn’t really dress up much. They went as themselves, besides from Luki who wore Claras jumper.

And that is basically it. We had a wonderful evening with all the yummie snacks, a couple of drinks and a lot of fun.

Being with people you love is worth so much and I know it’s a bit hard in times like this. But let’s just cherish the times we can spend with them even more and make them count twice as much and create memories and something nice to look back at for the times where we can’t be together, so they won’t be that hard afterwards.
Enough cheesiness! Please stay safe and healthy, all the best and until the next time.

See you soon,
Lena xxx


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