Beating long distance for four days

Hi everyone,

How are ya doin? (Irish dialect is baaack)

I had four wonderful days with Flo, who I can proudly call my boyfriend since over two years. I think we both would be totally lying if we said long distance relationships are easy – they are everything but easy really. But we can also confidently say that it didn’t change how we love each other. Sure as you might imagine, it takes some time to somehow get used to so much attention and contact again, but if your relationship is strong enough I would say, this shouldn’t be the biggest hurdl to overcome. And speaking for myself I can actually say it somehow made our relationship stronger, because we kind of get the opportunity to fall in love all over again. Also now I know what to do with myself when I am alone and how to still enjoy life, but I would always choose being with him over that. (Oh goodness, how cheesy can one person actually be, ugh) Enough of that for now, let me tell you what we were up to those four days we had together.

On Sunday around lunch time I took the aircoach to the airport to collect Flo from there. I had been looking forward to that day since I left Austria in December and was super happy, that this day had finally arrived, but on the other hand pretty nervous as well. And then he finally went through that arrivals door and happy tears started to dropp down on my cheeks. Me without tears is something that Flo doesn’t get to see very often I am afraid, even if they are mostly happy tears. We went straight to our hotel to check in and have a little bit of time to settle in there together. After that we went out, so Flo could get a bit of a taste of Dublin. We were lucky enough to be in the center of Dublin, right next to Saint Patricks Cathedral, so we weren’t far away from my favourite part, Temple bar (the part of the city, not the pub) and Grafton street. We had a lovely dinner in an Irish pub, which we finished off with some Jameson Whiskey, which I still didn’t like, to be very honest with you. After that we stopped in a bar to have some drinks, before actually getting back to the hotel.

(How amazing is the quality of this picture though..)

My host parents kindly gave me Monday to Wednesday off, so it actually would pay off for Flo to come to Ireland. The plan for Monday was going to Howth by Dart to do the cliff walk, because for me this is just how I picutre Ireland in my head when I am thinking about it- green, sea, cliffs. On our way to the Dart we walked through a street where Flo instantly said “Ah, that’s where you took that Instagram-picture”. And yup, he was right.

And just because I have a very photogenic boyfriend, who actually doesn’t like having his picture taken at all, only if it is candid and he doesn’t notice, I thought I prove him wrong and look…

…pretty handsome huh?

And as we arrived in Howth we had the most perfect sunny weather for the cliffwalk. I won’t tell you much about the cliffwalk, you can read all about my appreciation for it in my “Howth” blog post, but Flo really enjoyed it and even let me take some very nice pictures of the two of us.

After a really yummie sandwich and a well deserved cappuccino we went back to Dublin, where we had a little bit of a shopping tour in  Grafton street. I am very pleased with my find, which is of course once again yellow:

After that we took the Dart to Bray, where we ended up having a lovely dinner with some nice wine, followed by funny and tipsy conversations.

The next day we had the Guinnes store house planned. The whole story from hops and barley to the deep, dark red Guinnes ( I know I also thought it was actually brown, but that’s what they told us there, just accept it) was shown in such a cool way. It was kind of like a museum in which we learnt how to properly drink Guinnes (no sipping guys, big mouthfulls only!) and how to pour it correctly.

The only thing was, that neither me nor Flo actually like Guinnes, which probably is a little ironic for people doing the Guinnes store house tour.

After that we went back to Temple bar and then to Saint Stephens Green. In the eveninig we made ourselves pretty and went out for a very nice dinner, in a restaurant right next to Ha’penny bridge, where we not only enjoyed delicious burgers, but also really good live music and a lovely Cocktail in a bar afterwards.

On the next day we already had to check out and go back to the airport. We actually planned on taking the aircoach, but a taxi driver kindly took us for the same price to the airport because of the unpleasant cold. He kept talking about Christoph Waltz being his favourite actor and about how much he loved the film Django, which was very amusing and distracted us from thinking about how to say good bye again for a while. After a coffee and a scone we had to say good bye at last. And if you think it was easy this time, because I only have five weeks left here, you thought wrong. Saying good bye to Flo is always particularly hard for me and I am glad, that soon I won’t have to do that anymore.

On that note – Flo I am so lucky to have you in my life, I don’t know who I would be without you today. Thank you so much for coming and meeting my Ireland-home. I am so looking forward to beeing completely reunited with you again. I love you.

Thanks to everyone else,  for reading through this blog post or scrolling through the pictures, it once again means a lot to me.

See you very soon,

Lena xxx

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