A new chapter

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Hopefully very good.

I kind of feel like I am getting back in the flow of things, at least with posting. For the rest I am getting in a very new flow, so I am excited to tell you all about that.

This is probably going to be a little shorter than the last posts, since this one’s just a little ramble I guess, without a lot of content like my travel post, but just to update you and for me to write some thoughts down.

So let’s get into it:

I had my first three weeks of Uni and if I am absolutely correct about it, it isn’t called Uni, but FH for me, so Fachhochschule. The main difference is, that on an FH you can study the more practical professions, like mine, so Physiotherapy. It is a little bit more like school, since you have to be present more than in Uni, so about 90%. I’ll still call it Uni on here, if that’s okay for you.

I have to say the first three weeks went really really well.

So many things added up perfectly, so I couldn’t be happier. First of all I moved in, pretty smoothly and am super satisfied with my new little home, but more about that in another post. I am also living with my boyfriend now, which has been the best, so far, it’s just so nice coming home to someone you keep so close to your heart.


The next great thing is, that Uni is so cool. The people are super nice, we all share a lot of interests, which is kind of self explanatory, but it still feels very cool and different to everything before. I kind of found some friends already, that are either (creepily) similar to me or just super interesting and wonderful people.

All the lectures are super interesting, and I come out tired but full with new knowledge and motivation for the topic and from day to day I want to become a Physiotherapist even more. We even had a Massage lesson already and let me tell you, it was just as nice as it sounds.

We already had an exam and are preparing for one that’ll be due in 2 days and until now studdying wasn’t that hard and since it is something that is so interesting to me, I don’t mind it too much to be honest.

I truly am so happy with my choice to study Physiotherapy.

I live close to some of my bestest friends, which is simply wonderful being around so many of my favourite people. I’ve also been going back to Linz quite a bit, so I haven’t had time to miss my family yet, I’m sure this will change a bit as soon as I am not going back and forth every week, but simply knowing that I can be home in three hours makes it all easier.

All in all I am very content with where I am right now. I don’t feel like it’s the start of a new chapter, but more like I am already right in it.

Hopefully my babbling hasn’t been too annoying, but well I thought I’d tell you a little bit of where my life is taking me right now, let you in on my new chapter and on my excitement.

See you soon,

Lena xxx

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