A day in my life as a student

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? Already exhausted from Uni or work, or are you loving it?

I had my first big exam this week, it was the first part of Anatomy and it went really good, which I am more than happy about, since I studied a whole lot for it. I am not sure if I’ll ever be chill at an exam or always be that nervous, but since it worked out anyway, I don’t mind.

I thought it could be interesting to get a little insight in how a day in my life as a (Physiotherapy) student looks like and what I am doing all day. So let’s get right into it.

Aaand little disclaimer, my photos in this post are certainly not the best quality nor very creative and beautiful looking, but I thought I’d put them in anyway to underline what I am writing.

I am waking up around 7 most days, but for the last two weeks or so I got up a little earlier to do some studying, since I am mostly super tired after Uni, and can’t get that much done.

I also love to listen to podcasts in the morning while having breakfast or doing the dishes or anything, since my boyfriend isn’t always getting up at the same time.

(Pic not staged at all, nah, that’s how I always wake up you know- I woke up like this, I woke up like this!)

On Sundays I always prep food for the next three days, since it is the easiest and I guess cheapest option as well for me. I than pack a little lunchbox, a piece of fruit, nuts or any other small snack and mostly make myself a cup of coffee which I then take with me on the go.

A week ago I had always taken the bike, since it is the easiest, the most fun and mostly fastest option to get from A to B here in Graz. I love that so many people choose to take their bikes to get to work or Uni, we surly don’t have that as much in Linz. But this week it got a loooot colder and most of the time I decided to take public transport instead of the bike. ( I know this isn’t really an excuse for not taking the bike, but oh weeeell…)

In Uni the lectures and subjects differ from day to day, so we don’t have a timetable let alone a routine, but I really don’t mind. Actually I kinda like it so far, since there isn’t a day where I say “Uuugh Wednesday again”. We have a lot of different lectures, from Kinematics, Physiology and Anatomy, to Massage, Psychology and also English. Some times we are all 72 students in a big auditorium, other times it’s only smaller groups of 17.

(And yep some breaks do really look like this, 17 „adults“ playing around on the floor)

Uni normally would end between 4 and 6 pm, but we also had a couple of evening lectures before the Anatomy exam, working on actual human body parts, to get to know our bones, ligaments and joints better, which turned out to be really really cool and also very helpful for the exam.

On “normal” days I would come home and try to move my body in some way, since otherwise I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything anymore. Doing some yoga, taking a walk in the park or only doing some stretches for 15 minutes helps me immensely. Then I would cook some dinner, have that with my boyfriend and then study some more, before going to bed.

Once a week, I go to a Yoga studio with a friend and fellow physio student in the evening to clear our minds and test our strengths and just to do ourselves some good.

And I also try to do something nice with my boyfriend on at least one evening throughout the week, be it only watching Netflix or relaxing a bit together or really going out, like we did this week, since we really wanted to see the new Joker movie.

Well and that’s basically it. I know I didn’t really talk about one day in particular, but as I told you, every day is super different from the one before and the one to come, so I hope you don’t mind me mixing some days of the week together.

Thanks so much for coming by again, for having a read or a look at the pics.

See you soon,

Lena xxx

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