30 Day – Photography Challenge

Hi everyone,

I already mentioned that this blog-post would come in the near future and here it is. For the last 30 days I took a picture every day. But I followed a plan, and didn’t make these themes up myself. In the beginning I really only did it for myself, but after the first four days I told a friend and since I photographed a few of my friends they knew about it as well, and they found it kinda cool and I am pretty happy with the outcome myself, so I thought I would share my pics with you and who is interested can have a look through all of them.

I’ll tell you my thoughts to some pictures if I had any specific ones I want to share, otherwise I’ll just let the pics speak for themself.

Day 1 – self portrait

Since I love doing those on a quite regular level right now, I had an idea about what I wanted to do right away. I took it as a picture that should kind of portrait the struggle that so many women nowadays have to actually love themselves.

Day 2 – What you wore

Day 3 – clouds

Since it was so cloudy that day and you actually couldn’t really see one cloud on its own and the fact that I wanted to stay true to the challenge and take the photo on the day it was meant for I had to find a creative solution.

Day 4 – something green

Day 5 – after dark

Day 6 – obsession

I knew right away that I somehow wanted to incorporate a match-latte, because this is my current obsession.

Day 7 – changes to come

Travelling back home is going to be the next big change.

Day 8 – routine

Day 9 – someone you love

Day 10 – childhood memory

Pretty weird I know, but didn’t just want to take a picture of the past but thought it would be funny recreating it, since I love watching recreated childhood pictures of other people.

Day 11 – something blue

Day 12 – sunset

That was pretty hard since I work until 7-8 pm and the sun is gone down already at that time, so I thought I just take a pic from the past and use it in a creative way. But I had another challenge since my editing app on my computer didn’t work since that day, so I had to use my phone to edit it and that doesn’t always work the way you wish it would, that’s why it is such a boring picture and my least one of the entire challenge, but you can’t always be a 100% happy with everything in life, that’s just how it is right?

Day 13 – something you can’t live without

Chocolate – duh!

Day 14 – eyes

Day 15 – silhouette

Day 16 – a good habit

Day 17 – technology

Sadly that’s me sometimes, feeling the need to check the phone, scroll through Instagram or chatting with someone on WhatsApp whilst I am watching a series or a film and this is such a bad habit, that I really try to change. Sometimes that works, especially if I am watching something good or something captivating, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Day 18 – your shoes

Day 19 – Something you want

Day 20 – in my bag

Day 21 – faceless selfportrait

Day 22 – inspirational

Day 23 – patterns

Day 24 – animal

Day 25 – stranger

Day 26 – close up

Day 27 – celebration

I thought about what I want to photograph for that day, and then I thought I might just capture anything that day when I see myself or someone else celebrating life. And as Andrea and I were having a coffe and couldn’t stop talking about how happy the sun made us I knew this was the perfect celebration of life for me.

Day 28 – flowers

Day 29 – black and white

Day 30 – self portrait

This challenge was very inspiring for me. I had to do one creative thing a day, think in a creative way and a little out of the box sometimes and it was really the best thing ever. I really enjoyed the whole process and challenge and can only recommend doing it. I got a lot of nice feedback which motivated me and tried out some photographs that I had never taken before, which I found challenging from time to time but very enjoyable.

Thanks for flicking through those pictures. Hopefully you liked some of them and probably I could inspire someone to also try out this challenge.

See you soon,

Lena xx

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    Posted at 20:37h, 01 März Antworten

    I SOOOOOOOOOO much fell in LOVE with your very last pic!!!! :* :* :*

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