What you can do in uncertain times

Hello everyone,

How are you doin? I bet you are hearing that question a couple of times a day at the moment. Everyone wants to know if you are still alright, feeling sick or have a sore throat, which has its good reasons of course. But I don’t want to talk about the Virus that is currently spreading all over the world, but more so share some of my ideas for what you can do at home… Because I do believe that we can make the most out of this time, use it for doing things we normally probably wouldn’t have time to do, but now finally can, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

Idea number 1: do some gardening

Gardening can be very calming. Digging into fresh earth, repotting plants or growing your own vegetables and herbs is just a lovely activity to do, when the weather is nice. And also when it’s not or you don’t have a garden, there is always the possibility to growing things on your windowsill. We actually built a new small raised bed, where we put in parsley, chives and some radish seeds to grow in the next few weeks.

Idea number 2: make home-cooked meals

I guess this one speaks for itself, right?

Idea number three: Carve out some me-time

Even if we are with our family or whoever you stay at home with right now, it can sometimes be a little much and all of sudden the  place feels very small and  tight, so try to avoid that be just making sure you get some me-time. Have a little lie in the sun and soak up the Vitamin-D, if it’s warm enough, run a lovely bath for yourself or take a few minutes for a short meditation in between.

Idea number four: Do something creative

There is this one picture you always wanted to draw or the one project you planned on doing for years, well there is nothing stopping you now from actually doing it.

Idea number five: Have a Skype- girls/boys/friends or whatever night

I actually haven’t talked to so many of my friends in a long time, and instead of watching the 78th movie at night, pour yourself a glass of wine, open a can of beer or have a hot cup of tea/hot chocolate and enjoy some time with your friends instead.

Idea number six: celebrate birthdays nevertheless

One of my best friends birthday was a few days ago and sadly we couldn’t go through with our plan for the day, but therefore had a little chat on skype and enjoyed our morning coffee and the sun together, which was lovely as well.

I also had to get creative with my boyfriends birthday present, which he actually really enjoyed and thought it was a hilarious idea. He’ll get the real one as soon as we can go back to Graz, but for now he has the lego version of it.

Idea number seven: Do some workouts and Yoga

Now you have no excuse anymore! (I should tell that myself today…) There are also so many Yoga- instructors and -studios that do live-online classes now, which is a great way to try out new things as well.

Idea number eight: Get a new hairstyle

Of course I know not everyones mum is as talented as mine, but a little trim isn’t that hard, you should give it a go, trust me it’s a lot of fun.

Idea number nine: Get outside more

Some are in lockdown I know, but for those of us who aren’t (yet?) get outside! Keep your distance of course, but get some fresh air, trust me it’ll do wonders for a bad mood, because of sitting infront of your laptop all day.

Idea number ten: Cuddle your pets

If you have one of course, otherwise cuddle your family members or yourself. You should actually try that sometime, give yourself a big loving hug and thank yourself for being wonderfully you.

Idea number eleven: Put a bit of make up on

That’s proably more of a tip for the girls reading this, but if you are a guy and enjoy putting on make up, please keep on doing that! You do you! I myself don’t wear much makeup anyway, but if it gives you a good feeling sometimes or probably even motivates you, just keep doing it and look fabulous at home, simply for yourself. Also putting on your favourite blouse can make you feel more motivated for the day.

Idea number twelve: try some DIY’s

I did a DIY deodorant and it works like a charm. If you need a recipe idea, just text me, otherwise I’m sure you’ll find a lot of tips on the internet as well.

Idea number thirteen: Do some baking

I personally love baking, but haven’t done it since Christmas, because I simply didn’t take the time to do that. I made some vegan protein brownies with chocolate chips which turned out lovely.

Idea number fourteen: Read a book

Pretty self explanatory I guess…

Idea number fifteen: make a photo-album:

I had some polaroids lying around in my room, and never really looked at them, which is truly a pitty, because they are all such nice memories, so I decided to make a photoalbum. You could also print out some of your favourite pictures at home and glue them in or make a little gallery wall out of them.

Idea number sixteen: Try some advanced-selfies

I love taking some advanced selfies, because you can just try things, be creative with angles and colours and never have to show them to anyone if you don’t want, but trust me it’s a lot of fun.

Idea number seventeen: use leftovers to create new dishes

May I present you the porridge-pancake? We had some leftover porridge no one really wanted anymore, so I decided to mix some coco-powder into the porridge and pop some spoonfulls into a pan and make little pancakes out of them. I drizzled some chocolate sauce and honey over them and topped it with a piece of tangerine for final touches. They were actually super yummie. Just experiment a little when you are in the kitchen and don’t let good food go to waste.

Idea number eighteen: Write your thoughts down

In times like this your head might be full with worries and thoughts of how everything is going to be. I can only suggest giving writing them down a go, it can really feel super freeing putting them on paper.

Idea number nineteen: Give yourself an at-home manicure

I haven’t done that in a while, since nailpolish is kind of a „no go“ in my future job, but I loved doing that before so I took the time for that today, since I am staying home anyway and I love it.

Idea number twenty: Do an at-home dance party

I put on my dance-shoes today to simply dance around a little. My dance school is also doing online classes and there are some youtubers who put out full dance routines you can do on a daily basis. You can also simply put on some music you love and just shake off to it.

Idea number twenty one: Learn something new

Give something completly new a try. I can’t play the guitar at all, but I might change that, since I always wanted to try anyway, why not now?

Last but not least- Idea number  twenty two: Try to simply enjoy yourself

You have no choice anyway you have to stay home and be with yourself for a while now, you might as well make the most of it and do things you love and make you happy and distract you from worrying all the time or feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t waste your precious time with negative thoughts and try to stay positive.

If you want to screenshot this list for a collection of the ideas mentioned above feel free to. There might be some more additional tipps on there, since it was the list I did for myself to tick all the things I accomplished.

Sending you all the love and hope that I have, since we can all use some I’d say, right? Thanks for having a read through my ideas, hopefully they could inspire you and you try some of them yourself.

See you soon,

xx Lena

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