Church choirs, deer, beaches and castels

Hi everyone,

How’r ya doin? (Oh so Irish)

I had a wonderful weekend with two of my very dear friends. We decided to take it easy and still discover something new. The weekend before, I didn’t discover much new, but still I spent one day in Dublin and found not mentioning Saint Patricks Cathedral to you would be unfair, since it was so beautiful. So just a little hopp back to the past weekend.

After strolling through Dublins streets and visiting this and that I decided to end the day with a visit to Dublins famous Saint Patricks Cathedral. It was already getting dark and I thought I’d just quickly pop in for ten minutes, before catching the Dart back to Greystones. Who would have thought I would spend 45 minutes wandering through a church. When I arrived, there was a huge choir singing accompanied by a big orchestra. It was amazingly powerful and felt very special. Moreover the church was decorated on the inside and you could read about the history of Ireland and the church. All in all I was so positively surprised, that an old Cathedral was turned into such a lively, positive and warm place. So I can only recommend popping in there if you have the time.

Now let me tell you a bit about this weekend.

We’ve talked about going to Phoenix Park for a long time, but somehow we never got to do it, but this weekend we took the time to go there. And let me tell you, it is a definite MUST-SEE in Dublin. For real! Not only because the park itself is huge and amazing and especially in autumn the colors are breathtaking, but mostly because of the deer. The cool thing about them is, that they are running around on their own. At first you can’t see any and because they can move around everywhere in this huge park, you probably have to look for them for a bit, that’s at least what my friends and I did, but in the end you just have to follow the crowds, because everyone wants to see those beautiful creatures.

We were just having a little photoshoot with all the beautiful autumn leaves, when Elena suddenly shouted „Girls, that’s not moving like a dog, is it? I found them!!! I found them!“ We started running towards them and were so happy finding five beautiful deer, who weren’t scared of us at all. One minute later there were crowds of people starring at the deer, who were casually grazing. Everyone took photos and tried petting them, when suddenly a whole herd of deer came out of the woods.

We were the happiest girls ever. It was the perfect weather, the sun was warm on our skin and the deer were just amazing.

We also took a few really nice photos at our mini-photshoot, thought you might like to see some of them:

The last one is funny right? Blurred and in focus at the same time. Crazy photo-skills Lidia. ;D

On Sunday we went to Malahide. Just like Howth, it is about 30 minutes north of Dublin with the Dart. Again we were just very lucky, to have such nice weather.

Elena and I went straight to the beach, which was so beautiful, and again I just appreciated the fact that Ireland was surrounded by sea, in comparison to Austria. We also agreed on the fact, that we had never been to a beach, wearing our warm winter coats and still were freezing. Another first in all the firsts I already got to experience and probably still will experience here in Ireland.

After lunch, Lidia joined us and we decided to go to Malahide castle. Sadly the tour, butterfly house and fairy path were already closed that day, but nevertheless we enjoyed it a lot and the beautiful park around it.

All in all, it was a very sunny and happy weekend, consisting of discovering new places, good conversations and a lot of laughter. I am very thankful, that I found such amazing friends here, who travel with me and share the love for discovering. Thanks girls.

Thanks to you as well, if you read until here, I really appreciate it. Hopefully you enjoyed my pictures and also the story behind them.

See you very soon again,

Lena xx

Cheers (starting it Irish, ending it Irish ;))

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  • Mum
    Posted at 15:14h, 20 November Antworten

    I simple LOVE the deer!!😍🦌so cute!!!
    … and so lovely girls as well!!!😘

  • Helmut Samhaber
    Posted at 20:56h, 22 November Antworten

    Colourful photos, colourful text, beautifully done.
    oh dear, some deer again………

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